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Western Mod

  • Hey guys,
    Well, since @jedijosh920 team ( can't remember their name ;S) wanted to do red dead map with related stuff and that it have been canceled due to the fact they were using red dead map,
    I mind more and more about doing a map for a western mod
    I also think that RD will not be released on pc in same time than Ps, Xbox and that modding tool will problably take time to be released for it

    I've been learning moddeling since few month and now I feel able to do one with correct/good quality

    So, two possibility :
    someone can get the red dead map heightmap so I can recreate a new map using this heightmap ( so rockstar can't shut it down if that a new model i guess ?) and i'll improve the quality ( more detailled with blend, higher poly, etc )
    Or I can create one from scratch ( wich will take a bit more time)

    In the two case it gonna take me numerous hours to get a good quality map optimised

    That why I'm posting here.
    I would like to know if any other modder mind to help on a such mod. I can do the map but will not get enough free time to do everything, so if some people mind to help
    on building,
    on ped ( cowboy, native etc)
    on animal ( bison, horse, etc)
    , and weapons,
    and scripts,
    then it will encourage me to do the map.

    I'm not sure who I should ask, so if you've any idea of who could be interested tohelp on a such mod, pls tag them or contact them.

    About the map, Well, my pc isn't strong enough to do a really huge map in a row, but i was planning about 2 or 3 island of few km each ( one in plain, one in desert and one about mountain )
    Also, i'm not sure yet how the perf will be if gta map is loaded, may it will require to unload it

    I'm still learning few thing but I guess i've enough knowledge now to do a good map, however, I can't promise anything yet, also I've some money issue and will maybe have to find a better/a second job wich would in this case don't let me much time left to mod
    but I'm here to know if people would mind to help on a such project ( even minor help is welcome) before wasting my time ( blend and optimisation are taking a pretty huge amount of mind blowing and painfull hours both for me and my pc xD , without talking about terrain conception if noone can give me red dead heightmap that will probably be a bit complex since i never visited america and will have to mix between different region since I can't do one huge map in a row )

    That all, if you've question , suggestion, (( encouragement xd) etc feel free to comment
    thank for reading, sorry for my english level, and peace !

  • @Shaezbreizh
    Yes, the .white team was working on a RDR mod but got cancelled by Take-Two and Rockstar themselves for using RDR assets, I was the gameplay scripter on their team.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    I made a lot of scripts for the mod such as a fully working horse system for peds/player and don't want to put it to waste! Let's get all talented modders on this and make RDR on PC a dream come true! :smile:

  • @jedijosh920 To avoid T2 issues, why not rename the mod to another thing different to RDR, something like "Grand Theft Western" or anything.

  • @Rarefacer I don't think the name is what made Rockstar stop development of the mod.

  • @Jitnaught is by RDR assets and name used, it takes away recognition "hype" to their game. T2 is pretty focused to business and a franchise name always means money to take care in videogames world.

  • @jedijosh920 yeah would be sad, gta is a perfect sandbox for that.

    there would have a third way for the map but idk if that possible
    it would be to unload all the human stuff from the map and place natural prop ( such as rock/hill/mountain/plain etc) where there is hole in the map
    or may be easyer, just keep the mountain top and area where there isn't human stuff loaded and do a terrain for the rest
    advantage of this way is that a huge part of the map would be already perfectly optimised and detailled without hour of mapping/painting but I guess it would be hard to unload only the human stuff
    I guess I can repertory the mountain top folder and taht it wouldn't take as much time, if ever you think you can unload the bottom ?

    Else i'll do a little map of 5/6 km2 soon (maybe mohave desert for exemple) to show its now possible to do detailled terrain so may it will motiv our modder ;P


    @jedijosh920 Hope you guys decide to finish this mod, was really looking forward to it, before it got canceled

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