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Downgrade to 1.0.1180.2?

  • @krissboo yeah i just had to uninstall social club and use the one in the .zip

  • @Jack_A_Sh Yeah that would do it ;) Don't forget about getting a gameconfig for the version you're using, and you got the right scripthook etc. Shout if you need any help

  • @krissboo nah its fine i got everything sorted but thanks tho

  • @Jack_A_Sh aight cool.

  • I've been downgraded to smugglers run for ages now but since i downgraded I've been unable to make a new mods folder, I have to use the mods folder i created before i downgraded otherwise my game crashes loading into single player.

    Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?
    Only thing i can think of is i have all the latest files in my update.rpf which causes the downgraded game to crash?

  • @Anonymoused281 hey sorry to disturb you but by any chance can you post the back of of 1.42 please as the nightclub dlc caught me off guard and i cant seem to to find it on the internet


    @Dipsy-Sidhu123 he won't give you it and you can't find it online as it would be classed as pirating files, which isn't allowed

    should've kept a backup like i said a month ago

  • @Dipsy-Sidhu123 Just now had a chance to get online to check messages (long week.. )
    I'll echo what @Reacon stated. Not having a backup sucks, but it's a mistake you'll only make once. I learned this the hard way back when T2 filed against the OpenIV team and modding was on halt for several weeks. Now, I keep 2 backups: one of the most recent DLC, and one of the DLC previous. I've got Doomsday and San Andreas Super, which will come in handy when Steam updates later on when I open it, I can roll it back until SHV is patched.

    Thanks @Reacon 👍🏻

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