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NOTE: Starting a ScriptHookV thread?

  • Don't. Please.

    Just bring discussion to https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/12184/information-discussion-scripthookv-openiv-updates

    And if you're going to ask when a new ScriptHookV will be released - don't do that either. that's annoying and it makes you sound desperate.

    It will update whenever Alexander manages to make it work for the new version.

    @Global-Moderators I hope this helps you guys from having to lock those ScriptHookV threads, I personally got tired of seeing them, too, so I made this thread to direct those people to that thread.

    Although if people go here to make a thread about ScriptHookV and never read the real thread made for it, then chances are; nobody will see this, either! Haha! Aye aye aye...

  • @krashadam Your last sentence is exactly right. If they don't see the pinned topic titled "Script Hook V updates" then they won't see this thread either, so it's pretty useless to even make this topic.

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