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[Modding] Trying to change radio station name

  • Yeah, basically the title. Got the logo of the "Self Radio" changed, but I can't figure out how I change the name of the radio station.

  • I'm trying to make custom stations ATM, so far I've only figured out changing the station name and icon.
    To change the name, go to: update>update.rpf>x64>data>lang>american_rel.rpf>global.gtx2
    Once there, search for "RADIO_19_USER", and change it.

  • @meistervaal

    The regular radio station names are all within the "global.gxt2" inside the language files rpf under "update.rpf/x64/data/lang/"
    Depending on what language you play your game in, you just have to open the corresponding file (for example american_rel.rpf)

    Export the "globa.gxt2" file with the openformats option and then you can simply open it with a text editor and look for "Self Radio" and change the name to whatever you like.
    Save and import the file again and it should show up in game

    I changed and customized most of my GTA-Radio as well, and that's how I changed the names on the regular in-game stations

  • @Sabrina2001 Thanks alot! Was questioning on Reddit and other pages, but no one responded that fast. :D

  • @meistervaal
    You are very welcome!
    Also a little tip in case you want to modify or change some of the regular radio too.
    Be sure if you replace a song, that it is about the same length as the original one (max. 1-2 seconds longer/shorter) or it may mess up the sound flow.
    If the songs are way longer, they often times get mashed with the song or talk that follows. And that can sound really weird... (like playing multiple audio at the same time)

  • @Sabrina2001 said in [Modding] Trying to change radio station name:


    How do I change the songs then? For example the pop radio (Non-Stop Pop), I deleted everything from the folder, that had all the radio id's and news, but I kept the original file and to the empty folder I added the mp3 files, but it still played the old songs.

  • @Sabrina2001 Also I get like left and right .wav files for the song, but how do I replace with my song?

  • @meistervaal

    Well replacing the songs (as an example in Non-Stop-Pop) is a little more complicated than deleting all and putting in mp3.

    First you should restore the original file (the rpf for the pop radio).
    Then you navigate inside the the rpf and select a song you like to replace. (Example: "Don't wanna fall in love")
    Right-click and select the "Export as Open Formats"
    No select where to save the exported file. > This will create a folder with the name of the Song and an "oac" file
    Now inside the folder are two wav files (one is the right and the other is the left side)
    (Sidenote: I always open Audacity for this)
    Now open the left side wav. with your preferred Audio-Editor.
    Replace the Audio with the left side track of the song you like (in this example should be around 3:21 in length)
    After that repeat the same with the right side. (Be sure that you save on the exported file and that your audio editor keeps the audio preferences when clicking save, so you don't change hz, rates etc..)

    After you did this with both the left and right wav files, you now have your "replace song" as two wav files for each side.
    Now navigate back the oac file and drag and drop it back into the pop radio rpf in OpenIV. You should see a short "importing" window. After that you can check by previewing the replaced song in OpenIV.

    To complete the replace, go to your language file (where the global.gxt2 is also located) and check for "trackid.gxt2"
    Repeat the similar process as you did when renaming the self radio. Inside the track ID are the infos for the songs saved.
    So search for the name (and artist) of the song you replaced and put in your replace song infos.
    Save and re-import the file and now your should hear your own song in the regular GTA Radio and have the correct Artist-Name infos too.

    If my text sounds too complicated for you, let me know and I try to make a short screengrab video of the process.
    It may sounds hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.
    I have many songs/stations replaced.
    However I do advice against deleting any files, since that might interrupt flow or cause short (or long) silence and weird behavior.
    As of now, I didn't find any settings details for the radio, so best is to replace songs in a 1=1 manner (no deleting or adding new), so you can get your own music into the game on more than just Self Radio

    Of course, you should be sure to copy any radio you want to edit to your mods folder first, so it keeps and don't get overwritten by updates or similar

  • @Sabrina2001 said in [Modding] Trying to change radio station name:

    Thanks a lot! It looks very difficult, but still, if I need more radio stations, then I can do that. :P Also I could just easily put all my music to Self Radio.

  • @Sabrina2001 You seem to know a thing or two about editing radio stations, maybe you can help me.

    I want to replace East Los Santos FM because it's an all-in-one file/track but I want to know how the game knows which track is played when it displays the song name. In the trackid file there are all the song and artist names but how does it know which one is currently played if it's all just one giant track?

  • Hi, Has anyone found out, how to change the playing order, the song length etc. yet? The songs are overlapping because the songlength of my songs is not equal to the one it replaces. I'd like to change that in another way then searching a song with the same playing duration.

  • @xSP33D Have you found a solution? Having the same problem :/

  • I do not know the hoe your favorite station can be a move to your self-station.

  • @meistervaal how did you do that. thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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