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[VEHICLE] [WIP] Mercedes-Benz S600 (W220)

  • Started work on this today, since it was a convert from GTA 4 it's been a very quick and easy one. I thought I'd convert this one since as far as I'm aware we don't already have one for GTA 5.

    Right now it's just missing plates, breakable glass, dials, and the steering wheel doesn't meet the driver's hands. I also haven't tried to get permission yet so hopefully everything will work out with that.

    I'm posting it here anyway because I need an opinion and some info, though. First of all, these wheels look too small to me, but that's the way they were on the model. Are they right or are they too small? alt text

    Second - and this is a problem that plagues a lot of cars I've seen - how do I stop the interior glass from reflecting as strongly as outside? alt text

    The windows only have one "layer" of polygons so it's not like I can have separate materials on the inside versus the outside. Motion blur is also strongly distorted by the more reflective glass.

    If anyone could take the time to comment on these two things I'd appreciate it.

  • @TheAdmiester
    Internal reflection from the glass easy fix for this, you need to separate it from the outside and apply a new texture with the standard shader in GTA V. Wheels is normal size and change them is not necessary , except that the discs themselves.

  • @Pechenka92 Is it possible just to duplicate the windscreen mesh then apply the different texture like you're saying?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I've just looked again and it is actually dual layered. Thanks anyway though.

  • @TheAdmiester Yes , you can do

  • nice nice nice.. always a joy to see this badass symbol of wealth at early 00's. keep it up !

  • And what comes to the tires, they are the standard wheels that came with w220. they are size of the winter tires though. I think they look ok, since you can change them ingame.

  • @Alekseyys Thanks, that's good to know. I need to fix a couple of material things (the yellow you see around the windows on the first pic) and the position/size of tuning wheels and it should be good to go.

    The windows are all set up to be breakable, I just need to find a similar enough GTA car to borrow the crash data from, probably the Schafter or Felon.

    Also, @rappo just curious, if a mod author doesn't explicitly say "you need my permission to modify/convert", is it safe just to upload it, then if I'm contacted just remove it? I prefer to play it safe with permission stuff.

  • @TheAdmiester If the model was unlocked and they didn't specify that you need permission, it's probably fine. I always prefer that explicit permission is given but for some authors that are no longer reachable, I understand it's nearly impossible. If you want you can PM me with the details about the author/mod and I'll let you know what I think. Thanks for asking by the way, most people wouldn't :slight_smile:

  • @rappo Cool, I'll PM you.

  • @TheAdmiester since honesty is a passing natural resource these days, big ups to you asking for the permission. I'll be following the progress of your S.

  • @TheAdmiester @rappo this include me. Every unlocked model are 100% free, you can edit them do what ever you want without asking (this also include for dlc pack for exemple). Just dont forget the original credits. Even for those that are locked, you can, but for edit just ask me and i'll be glad to give you the model.

  • @baba0rum Thanks, good to know.

  • Any update?

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