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How to revert GTA 5 back to 1.0.1180.2 with mods intact?

  • According to Alexander, the script hook v update might take weeks and I thought about downgrading the game in the meantime. Does anyone have some proper way of downgrading GTA 5 Steam version with mods intact?

  • Yeah, restore the backups you made of the files from 1180. There are plenty of threads around and I cba to keep linking them.

  • Which files specifically?

  • @Sputn1k said in How to revert GTA 5 back to 1.0.1180.2 with mods intact?:

    According to Alexander, the script hook v update might take weeks

    Ugh, I was afraid of that. :-/
    Can you please give us the source of this information?

  • @Sputn1k

    Consider reading existing topics about this.

    Updating game

    Rockstar releases new DLC from time to time. Some mods keep working, other break. Here's a basic guide of steps to take to prevent this, or to get back up and running quickly!

    Disabling all mods

    Moving or renaming dinput8.dll will stop ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and OpenIV from loading. If you properly >used OpenIV's mod folder, this disables all mods and you should be able to play the unmodded game and even join a GTA:O session.

    Reverting the update (downgrade game)

    BEFORE a new DLC update drops, Rockstar hypes it up. Once a new DLC is announced, ensure you have a backup of the following files

    • GTAV_root/update/update.rpf
    • GTAV_root/GTA5.exe
    • GTAV_root/GTAVLauncher.exe
    • steam_api64.dll

    It's smart to label these. I put them in a folder with the executable version. For Smuggler's Run, this is v1.0.1180.2. When the next update drops and you want to revert, back up the new files and replace them with your old backups.

    By the way, where'd he say this? Neither he or Good-NTS have posted about this afaik.

  • Anyway, can't seem to find any relevant downgrading guide concerning the GTA 5 Steam version anywhere. Any thoughts?

  • @Sputn1k
    Restore update.rpf, gta5.exe and gtavlauncher.exe from 1180.2.

    If you forgot to backup them, you can't restore them. Sharing (links to) original game files on this forum isn't allowed, but you might have some luck asking a friend or something.

  • @Sputn1k You could try a rollback patch -> https://techfaqs.net/games/patches-for-gta-5-online/
    And ffs make a backup next time!

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