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why are weapons not addons?

  • there exist a tutorial on gtaforums how to make new weapons as DLC without replacing current weapons: http://gtaforums.com/topic/794835-pocv-creating-a-dlc-pack-and-adding-a-new-weapon/

    now i see most of the weapons are replacements. my question: why are modders not making theyr weapons as addons like vehicles are mostly released as addons?
    is there a limit that i dont know about or are weapon DLC more complicated ?

  • @shephart said in why are weapons not addons?:

    are weapon DLCs more complicated ?

    You may have answered your own question.


    it's not that perse, creating a dlcpack with several machineguns in itself isn't the hurdle

    v1.26 can hold 4 to 5 extra weapon models in total before it crashes the game on load, no matter what extra edits in gameconfig you make, see my previous posts on this, like here
    v1.36 and above crash even on the first added weapon

    come to think of it, I have to reexamine it some more after these pointers via discord by @Unknown-Modder

    You must be doing something wrong
    There is no limit besides the archetype limit (RAGE allows up to 65535 archetypes)
    The game always allocates MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos * sizeof(CWeaponModelInfo) bytes of memory
    Make sure to increase that number + the drawable store if it doesnt work and check your DLC pack

    //edit: tried it just now on v1.41 with my AK dlcpack which holds 5 extra models (and works on v1.26)

    On v1.41 with dilipatated's gameconfig I've increased:

    • Cweapon poolsize from 1024 to 2048
    • MaxWeaponModelInfos from 115 to 600 (it was on 350 in my working gameconfig)
    • MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos from 340 to 600 (it is on 400 in my working gameconfig)
    • Drawable store from 64200 to 72800 (and values in between)

    it just keeps crashing no matter what ...

  • this means we either must wait until R* increases the limit (which i doubt) or that someone hacks the limit. Maybe the creator of Grand theft space mod can hack this limit, i doubt that fastman92 will start creating his limit adjuster for GTA V


    @ReNNie I can use my own weapon mods Add-Ons without limit problems on the latest game version before the last DLC update. I currently have just 1 Add-On weapon, but I remember having more long time ago in the same package and working correctly.

    I think that your weapons could be incompatible with the latest game versions for some reason and that's why they crash for you, but idk. I use F7YO gameconfig btw.

  • @Reyser you can still use add-on weapons ? or does it crashes with the latest update?

    btw, do we have a projectile limit too? because there are some mods that add new projectiles (different missiles etc) and how can add-on jets have its own custom weapons when add-on weapons crashes the game?

    there are some add-on planes which have its own missiles with new speed etc... and they work fine. does weapons on vehicles count as weapons?

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