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Quick question regarding modding

  • This is probably a very dumb question but I'm a bit confused.
    First of all I have never modded GTA V and I'm just now looking to jump into it. I have however modded Skyrim and I know that for games like Skyrim and FO4 you're required to have all the DLCs in order to be able to have access to all mods.

    So now regarding Rockstar's new DLC, Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, what throws me off is that this is listed as DLC not just as an optional package like those shark cards. I also know this is just money and vehicles for Online.
    However since it's listed as DLC, would certain mods require this DLC in order to function properly?
    Like I said this is probably a dumb question but I'm new to GTA V modding and I really do not want to spend $45 on something I don't even need since I don't intend to play online.


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