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Best place to add links to older versions of a mod?

  • It has been requested that I make older versions of my mod available, in case anything goes wrong.... like it did with my last version. I don't really like the idea because I prefer things to go through the proper channels of submission and approval for any files and I believe it is up to the user to maintain the older versions. That's why I deliberately add the version number in the filename, to make things easier. There are some mods that just have the same name for every version, so I have to rename those myself.

    Of course the latest version could be the first version that someone has downloaded, so there is the other side of that coin to consider... as happened with the last version. But that also showed the confusion potential, because when I uploaded the fixed version, people weren't sure which version they should be using, because I had posted a link to an older version in the comments.

    So if I was going to do this, would I be best placing a link to the previous version in the mod description, or in the first comment of my WIP thread? I personally think that too many download links on the main mod page would be confusing and messy, so I would prefer to go the comment link if I had to do this.

  • If you post the source of your files on GitHub, you could use their versioning system for keeping track of various archives and then linking to that page in your description or comment. Otherwise, a comment where you keep track of old versions with links to somewhere like mediafire.com would be fine. You can always @ reply me to delete old versions of this comment as well, so that you can keep a single one up to date.

  • @rappo I don't really like mediafire, which is why I use Google Drive and my source is all under control via my NAS, so I don't really want it in two places.

    Is using Google Drive a problem, or is that okay?

  • @LeeC2202 No problem for me

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