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Horizontal or Forward Flight Mode for the Thruster Jetpack.

  • I was really excited for the jetpack coming back to gta, and I have to say I really love the model (maybe with the exception of the legs it has), but with it having such cool looking thrusters engines I was really hoping it would have a full on flight mode as opposed to only operating as a helicopter.

    Does anyone has the skill to turn this thing into a vtol for example, so it would can operate as a helicopter at first but then u can switch to horizontal flight so the player character would be facing downwards!


    I've already tried giving it two subhandling entries in handling.meta, flying & vertical flying just like the hydra does but that messed up the controls, I believe something has to be changed in the model itself because of how the game reads nodes such as "wing_l" or "rotor".... etc, but I'm no expert with zmodeler nor do I have a license at the time.

  • I'd like this too!

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