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GTA V Captain america/thor scripts wont work

  • hey all, I can't seem to get the captain america / thor scripts working, I can get basic trainer scripts and Addon peds working fine, but with the CA/Thor scripts, the menu to enable appears, but when I press enable nothing happens and it wont let me select the menu again.

    I followed the instructions correctly, following a YT tutorial but I can't get it to work, running the newest steam version of the game with the newest versions of scripthook V, open IV, native UI etc. I installed the spider man mod to see if it was just those two mods but it doesn't work either, here's my log


  • @MILLZ We have to wait for yet another update to SHVDN. There have been many internal changes in the new update and many .NET scripts are not working. Some things have already been fixed but there is no new official build yet.


  • @MILLZ
    If your mods stop working after a recent update it'll most likely be due to ScriptHookV or ScriptHookVDotNet needing tweaks to be compatible with the newest version of GTA. As stillhere said, we'll have to wait for the next ScriptHookVDotNet update.

  • @jedijosh920 just shared a new build with the latest changes by Unknown_Modder and kagikn on Discord (download link), everything should be working now except for Euphoria stuff.

  • @stillhere I did a manual uninstall of the Euphoria mod I was using, I took out my scripts folder, I even removed "Extended Video Export" and grabbed a new gameconfig file, but I am still occasionally greeted with the reassuring message "ERR_FILL_PACK_1"

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