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GTA V Delete folder Trick READ ME!!!

  • make sure you uninstall the game and make sure nothings running with rock stars on it or it will give you a try again message on your common files read the steps also log off your pc and re log in

    go to Programx(86), Steam, Steam apps, Common and highlight GTA V and delete it so it can
    delete properly then installed it

    if you using a diffrent mod menus such as MENYOO for story mode do not use it it will harm your game ok it will make you wait for a long time so use Native trainer with scripthook on it

    trust me it make me waited 5-10 mins to load while i put MENYOO mod when i click play

  • How is deleting the game a trick?

  • if you close gta v not completely you will get a try again error that means something is running so make sure you uninstall the game and log off then re log in to your computer and Then you can delete the files

  • @xxsoundboardxx If I understand you correctly, Menyoo is causing an issue. BTW, are you sure it's not an outdated scripthookv? I am asking because of your whining 3 days ago. So why do you suggest to delete the whole game instead of simply removing menyoo and/or updating scripthookv??? You forgot to tell. The title is also utterly meaningless and I think this is the reason why no one except for me has replied yet. Removing the whole game instead of updating the necessary components (or removing in case no updates are yet available) is (sorry) a stupid idea. I never had to reinstall the game since the initial release!

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