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Menyoo File Loader

  • Since MAFINS is not going to be around till Feb, I figured I would put up this request. Would someone be able to make a Menyoo file loader?

    What the script would do is basically be able to read the outfit, vehicle, and spooner files out of their folders in Menyoo Stuff. It would also have folder support. (Please have folder support. I have my files sorted. It will be a GIANT mess if it isn't present. To the point where there wouldn't be much point as it would take forever to find what I need without it.)

    I wouldn't be surprised if many people in the community had my back on this request.

  • @nkjellman wouldn't it be better to just use an older version of Menyoo if the new one isn't working...? don't tell me someone ain't got an older version, I know there's one on my dead Windows 10...

  • Menyoo from 2016 doesn't even work.

  • @nkjellman why would you want to load spooner files? plus you already can...

  • @Derpy-Canadian I have a cluster fuck of add on map files where some interfear with each other. I have them set to be disabled by default and I use Menyoo to load them one at a time.

  • What do you exactly mean? Should the file be loaded like externally or inside the game? I don't get it.

  • @nkjellman addon maps are not really loaded with menyoo...

  • @Derpy-Canadian I know that. But when you set the flag to 1, the ymap doesn't load by default. So they would need to be loaded like an interior, Yachts, Aircraft Carrier, North Yankton, etc...

    I have found that since some people don't optimize their maps, this is the best way to avoid performance issues in the GTA V map, plus I can have more maps as there are no conflicts. On top of that, a lot of the maps aren't made for open world games, so they are ether floating, or have an unrealistic ugly cliff that is an eye sore in the distance when you aren't using the map.

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