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YMAP house disappearing when getting close to it

  • Hi!
    I have made a house using Menyoo w/ Map Builder. Everything works fine when spawning it with Menyoo, except that it's so big you can tell my game is having a hard time handling it and most of the time it crashes. The obvious solution? Make an ymap out of it, and that's what I did, except that map builder props despawn when I get close to them, unfortunately. Here's a video to better explain this:

    Now, here's what I tried (thanks to sollaholla that told me to add a manifest file including map builder props' ytyp):

    • creating a _manifest.ymf file using CodeWalker and putting it in the same folder as my ymap (custom_maps).
    • manually adding a reference to map builder's ytyp file in the _manifest.ymf just created (not even CodeWalker spawns the props).
    • adding map builder's props to luxe_props.rpf because it's also used for the house and those work, editing lux_luxe_props.ytyp with the new props.
    • using addonprops to make map builder props as addons.

    None of those work, except that once, while doing #3, I was entering the house and it looked like it was working, but it started disappearing again as I changed room, then the game crashed (probably not an issue with the props).

    Can someone help me get a fully working ymap?

    I am still learning a lot and even tho I know it's not a question for everybody, I hope there's someone who can help me.


  • @falloutjump that probably coming from bbmin/ max value of the ytyp, set it higher should solve the issue. But i'm not sure ;s

  • @Shaezbreizh I tried setting those values up by 3x but it doesn't seem to fix this issue in any way, nothing really changed. I will test some more tomorrow to see if an even higher value or something else in the ytyp is causing this to happen. Thank you so much for your help!

  • @falloutjump it can also be related to lod distance, so the ymap or model settings

  • Thank you to both @Shaezbreizh and @Dekurwinator that WAS the issue! I opened every single prop with open formats, set the correct bbMin/bbMax values and it did fix. Can't thank you enough.

    Have a nice day :relieved:

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