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use Simple trainer insted

  • guys its been a tough few days since the lastest update use Simple trainer instead of other trainers mod menus
    my recommend use simple trainer do not use Myeoo mods yet until the new versions or it will harm your game you will be Experience of a long time wait to load i tried it it took me awhile to load also force log of your pc so the files will be deleted so keep that in mind so you won't get a try again errors so make sure you log off before deleting these files
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav use this mod for a while so the other mods will be updated we do not know if other mod trainers work so use this for now on enjoy and be safe my firends

    to open Simple trainer press F4 to open also Remove Native trainer or delete it

    don't worried guys i know but we have to use this for now on before using other mods such as Meyoo mods i think we do not have a message from them but im sure their aware of this update that mods are causing problems so use Simple trainer for now

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