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MPChristmas2017 leaves little room for mods unless you want to sacrifice the center of the island. (Addon Related)

  • I have the latest version of the game, and I have computer specs that are past good enough to run this game. Is there a fix that will allow the game to keep the center of the island other than by only having two or three addon cars installed?

    If you have enough addons installed that you could load online maps in the previous version, I'd look for this too.

    EDIT: This is what it looks like with just rims and and some addon cars installed. If I remove MPChristmas2017 from the DLCList, the map and online map features return.

  • Alright, I swapped out all the single vehicle mods with IVpack and Vanilla Works Extended. I also left the rims (stretched and lore friendly packs) in. For some odd reason, it behaves better with mod packs that use a collective tuning folder for all the vehicles. Maybe I should try compiling all my cars into one mod pack.

  • OKAY, I put all my addon lore friendly widebody cars into one mod pack. The online maps don't work when they are with the other mod packs, but the entire terrain of the island is 100% there. It's the same amount of mods as when I had those vehicles separate. So the solution is to compile all your mods into one mod pack to save space.

  • FINAL UPDATE: I put all the vehicle mods into a global_mods.rpf file and now even online interiors work. Well, I finally got all my old mods to work with the current game version. I feel happy.

  • My problem is actually that i can't spawn any addon after a couple of it on my dlclist, do you think it can help? Im using a gameconfig, script hook v and the .net one + simple menu, and just that.

  • @Emanuelel That depends on how you're trying to spawn it. Are you typing it into one of those "spawn by name" options, or are you looking for the vehicles in various categories listed?

  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods Yea, I'm trying to spawn it by name. All I got in simple menu is a something like "Invalid model"

  • @Emanuelel Have you done anything to your mods since the update? I'd recommend giving it a try. Just be sure to copy and paste everything into the right place, especially the vehicles.meta.

    For example, this is my vehicles.meta right where the parent and child interior thing starts.



    You'd have to copy and paste another addons vehicle.meta right between /initdatas and txdrelationships


  • @JustHelpMeFixMyMods Ok! I'll give it a try, thanks!

  • @Emanuelel
    If you can't figure it out, I can try doing it for you.

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