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new script hook can't open game

  • I got the newest script hook for the update and my game won't open. it will say GTA v has quit unexpectedly after a while and it opens fine without script hook v. What should I do?

  • Is scripthookV the only script you have installed?

  • I have this exacly problem too. The script hook v version v1.0.1290.1 that came out in 17 of December making the gta v to not open. To me, when i uninstall the script hook v the gta v works fine too. What should we do?


    Y'all are not being very descriptive of your problems.

    Do you run other mods? Usually those mods break and you need to update your mods after updating ScriptHookV. Think OpenIV stuff and other script mods.

  • I had this problem. I removed the dinput8 that comes with the new script hook and used my old backup. It worked properly, just some mpgunrunning.asi crashes but nothing that stops the game completly, just freeze and press OK.
    I guess we will need to wait an answer from Alexander.

  • Doesn't work for me either, about a minute into loading story mode it crashes back to desktop

  • I have other mods like redux (Graphics mod), menyoo and addon cars and a few scripts. They all worked perfectly fine with previous version of gta v and script hook v. When i download the new script hook v and replace it with the previous version that was installed in my gta v folder the game just won't load and when i tryed to open the gta v, nothing happens and after a 3 minutes the game opens the social club that says the game crushes and it didn't say why, and then i can try to open the game with safe mode or normal mode or exit. Why is that happening? Is the problem is in the script hook v? Please help and thanks for helpers.

  • I have the same problem. Game is getting crushed at the loading screen. How we will fix that ?

  • Maybe you guys have too many addon vehicles installed?

  • Remove Menyoo until further update, use an old asi loader (dinput8) and you're good to play the new version of the game. Some mods are broken but will be fixed soon. Or you can downgrade your game version and play like the old times until everything is fixed properly.

  • @k1ng Thanks, i discovered that the Menyoo doesn't work until next update, but i found other good menu mod. The redux mod also needs to update, this mod also doesn't work right now. The Menyoo developer says hes in trip until last Ferbruary and cant update now :( we need to wait a lot of time :(

  • GOT THE FIX!!!! i had manyoo installed but i removed it and so my simple trainer and a few other scripts now work, im launching thru rage i also removed openIV's asi loader and used alex's newest one works for me now

  • Hi anyone help. I had scripthook v running fine with the native asi. I also had redux. Visual v on it and menyoo mod loads of car spawns. Was completely fine. I decided to format my pc reinstalled gta redownloaded scripthook and menyoo. Now when I load it with just the scripthook v file in its fine. But when I put the native asi and dll file in it doesn't load. Is it the dll file.

  • 5 days ago everything was just fine... then today.. aint working nomore ...the error message says it supports my version of scripthook.... the latest one... 1.0.1290.1
    makes no fukkin sense...

  • @stetsu scripthookV 1.0.1290.1 is not compatible anymore.

  • I have the same problem, but I don't get any errors, the game just doesn't start up. and after 1 or 2 minutes my game launcher comes up and says "GTA V exited unexpectedly..." and so on....

  • @Unknown11432 Since we don't have a crystal ball, we need more information. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/13256/how-to-ask-for-help-and-support


    @Cyron43 🔮

  • @Cyron43 It's actually quite simple. the game and ScriptHookV/NativeTrainer.asi/dinput8.dll is updated. No mods cause the problem. When we remove "dinput8.dll" the game works fine again, but the mod menu/scripts won't load up. and if you insert "dinput8.dll" again, when you start up the game...nothing happens and after a few minutes it says "GTA V exited unexpectedly" or something similar like that.

  • @Unknown11432 Of course the game runs fine without dinput8.dll because that's the hook, that thing which drills a whole into the game and makes script injection possible. No mod works without it, not even addon cars as long as you use the mods folder (which I hope you do !!!). So what mods do you have installed (scripts, modified gameconfig, cars, etc.). Also show us the logs! So in fact there is much more you need to tell us before we can help.

  • @Cyron43 So my gameconfig.xml has been changed because...limit of addon cars. I have some scripts: BennysMotorworks.dll,NativeUI.dll,Realistic Nitro.dll,Realistic Nitro.config; I have 17 addon car mods installed. and also a lot of cars which replace other models. and I use "mods" folder.

  • @Cyron43 I also changed gameconfig.xml on my old pc (with older version of ScriptHookV) but nothing rlly happened. It just worked fine


    @Unknown11432 haven't gave us what cyron was asking you for...logs??

  • @Reacon where can I find that ?


    @Unknown11432 directory

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