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Help, I played GTA V whith mods since August this year and this is the first time I got this kind of problem.

  • Hi, I will do my best especific of the problems I got with the addons (This is the first time ever I have this problem):

    Before the install of the scripts, I was install the game all again (whithout mods, scripts, addons, etc), so, I install the new scripts (Hook and Net), later I install the Simple Trainer 6.2 (I used the menyo trainer but I reed that trainer doesn't works for now), I put the addons Reventon, Centenario, Zonda Cinque, Huayra BC and mod the NaturalVision, later some scripts. Later I put the addons of the LA_Billboard, but later of that intallation, I off the PC.

    But when start the PC and I back to play the game, the Addons doesn't work. the trainer says me "the model not exist" something like that. The Scripts and the NaturalVision mods works fine, but the addons never back to works. So, I see the Script Hook Net have new update again, so I install that Script and the problem persist.

    So, I install again everything. I deleted everything (except the savegame) and later I install the game, later the scripts, after a only addon (Lamborghini Reventon) and the addon don't work.

    I play GTA 5 (Steam version) with mods since August of this year and this is the first time I got this skind of problem.

    Anyone can help me?.

    The english is not my language, if I made a mistake in what I say, I apologize.

  • Can anyone help me?

  • Hi,
    I don't really know what the issue is here, it might be a distraction of some sort so try to check step by step if everything is installed correctly.

    Since you just reinstalled GTA V, assure that you have OpenIV.asi installed to properly load your mods folder and modified .rpf archives.

    When you update from previous versions of GTA V, OpenIV asks you to also update your modded "update.rpf" from the original one and it does that for you. Be sure that you didn't override you dlclist.xml and that you have all your addons listed there.

    Also remember that sometimes folder names are different than car names and when you try to spawn them you have to insert the model name and not the folder name (that's what happens with Vans123 models for example).

    Did you put the addon folder in the correct place (mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks)?

    Lastly, open the dlc.rpf of your addon and search for the model name and see if it's there.

    Let me know,

  • @falloutjump Okay:

    1. The addons was works fine when I reinstalled the game (I reinstall the game hours after the new update of the scriphook V, the reinstall was 100% new, vanilla except the savegame) for the first time. I reinstall again the OpenIV. The cars addons spawn perfect in that time, but later when I play again the game (after hours when I install the addons), the addons (inclued the addon of LA Billboard) don't spawn. The game works fine, I no have crashing, but the addons don't spawn.

    2. Before of the new update, I used the Menyo Trainer, but before to put the addons cars in the game, I see in this forum, Menyo Trainer not working, so I donwload the Simple Trainer (because works in the new update of the game). Before the problem with the addons, I saved cars (addons cars) in the Simple Trainer, but later, the problems with the addons appers.

    3. I reinstall all again, the game 100% new again, new folder "mods". I put a only addon car to see if this works, but the problem persist, the addons don't spawn. I if the addon is in the dlc.xml, and is inthe dlc.xml. I checked if I was put the addon car folder is was in the right folder (mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks) and is in the right place.

    4. Despite the problems with the addons, the scripts mods works fine, I no have a problem with the scripts mods.

    Could I be better understood?

    Sorry for my english.


    Your dlclist.xml might be corrupted. Check for matching tags and stuff, or post it here.

  • I don't know how, but now the addons works fine, I can spawn the cars for now. I reinstall the game 100% (inclued the savegame, absolute new) and the addons works fine.

    Maybe the problem was the dlclist.xml or the savegame.

    If the problem appers again, I will warn.

  • @RadoLT If you aren't using a mods folder, GTA 5 will overwrite anything that comes off corrupt (mods are corrupt according to GTA5, haha...)

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