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Using models in FiveM

  • So a burning question I've had for a while has been can Modellers actually revoke a license to a model, or report you, or prevent you from using this site, or their mods... If your caught using their models without proper permission...

    I'd recommend not posting opinion but facts, if you've done your research ;)

    Now I'm into the respect the author stuff, but some models are so cool I wanted to know if it'd hurt doing it, other than crush reputation of course... So let's take a few minutes to answer this burning question! For all you people out there asking this as well...

  • @Beastly_Gaming well modeling is something that can't take multiple hours of work, hours or even days/month depending what you're talking about ( model, map, skin etc).

    So yeah an author can interdict the usage of their model it's his right and it's legit since that his work and that he spend time on it.

    Now, depending what we're talking about, and the mentality of the modeler, or the fact they know or not if you're using their model, or again the kind of usage of their model,
    they'll or they wont care it's upon to them since that their work.

    The best way, is to respect the author work and ask them directly .
    Some author will give free access to their model, more again if the model are old or didn't require a lot of work, are bad quality etc.
    Some author will give you a license to use their model if you buy it ( for commercial or not usage).
    Some other author will not like at all that you're reusing their model without their agreement (cf Rockstar/T2 about RedDeadmap or Liberty city)
    The usage of model that can affect author revenu, or the usage of a model to make revenu without author permision will often lead to the author attacking you ( from a simple author message to remove the model, or even juridiq pursuit).

    Let's face it, a lot of modder are using other people model, some time even without asking for permision. And let face it, a lot of author probably don't came here so probably don't know their model are used. But when they know it can turn badly

    if you wanna reuse a model, ask the author for permision or buy him a license, its the best way to get a model and to use it, and it's a kind of respect, rewards for the author work.
    Or you can reuse a model and hope he will never see it, but then you risk to get some problem such as a author message to remove it or even worst, the author will attack you and it can lead to financial issue.

    The worst asshole you can be is to use an other people model and sell it without permision then don' t expect any sympathy of the author.
    I know it can take some time to convert a model, but it's not as much that doing the model, getting a donation system is acceptable if you wanna rewards the few time you put in converting the model,
    but put the model converted back a pay wall is not legal and not respectful at all till it's not your model/work.

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