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Save Cars

  • Hello everyone

    Is there any Trainer or script which working on latest update and have possibility to save cars on any location with blips i have one mod MyRide.dll but is not work anymore in latest update.

    I just need mod which can save my car on any location with button and whenerver i come is car be there and have possibility to Lock/Unlock car

    MyRide.dll is very simple mod example when i park my car somewhere and get out from car need just pres "E" and car is saved with blips on map. And when i come back cloes to car just press again "E" and car is unlock. But like i say before mod not work good on latest update i can save car but can't unlock it i have around map maybe 10 vehicles and all is now locked and cant drive.

    Please if anyone know similar script or trainer please tell me i will be very thankfull

  • as far as I know there is none. Your best bet is to downgrade your game since theres a big chance that the scripthook wont be updated for months

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