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Addon cars not working

  • Hello,

    I purchased GTA V on the sale, and decided to mod it. I installed a couple of add-on cars, and they worked flawlessly. Then, I decided to add a couple more and now none of them works. Trainer says 'invalid model' whenever I'm trying to spawn those cars. It even says that when I'm trying to spawn in some stock DLC cars.Not even the cars installed with .oiv package thing doesn't work. What could cause this? I even updated the gameconfig file but that didn't help either. I'm using the 'mods' folder with OpenIV.

    I followed the readme files exactly how it was supposed. What is wrong?

    Thank you!



    Your dlclist.xml probably broke. Post it and hope somebody looks at it.

  • Definitely agree... I've found several times where Rockstar (and even some mods) will periodically update/wipe the dlclist instead of just adding to it.


    @ImNajis post the contents of your dlclist.xml via pastebin

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