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Can someone explain why OIV packages cannot be uninstalled?

  • I'm just wondering how this is possible. What exactly does the installer do? Obviously it must be more than just replacing files because that could easily be undone. Looking for clarification because I cannot comprehend the limitation.

  • @DannyITR1 Rename the extension of any .oiv file to .zip because that's what they really are. If you open that file now you will see the content that gets added or replaced together with an XML file. This XML file tells the oiv installer what to do. This is not like a windows installer where an automated uninstall happens by simply double clicking it again. You have to uninstall the components manually. I never install over oiv because I want to know what happens! I do this rename, unpack the zip file and install all components manually via OpenIV. I can only recommend you follow my example.

  • OIV Packages have to be uninstalled manually for example if you install a car OIV package to uninstall it you would have to remove the line for that package from dlclist.xml and for older packages sometimes have a extratitleupdatedata.meta line that you would have to remove this would disable the dlc. To fully delete the OIV delete the dlc package (dlc.rpf for that OIV install). Hope you found this useful

  • You have to install newest version of openiv 2.91

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