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Vehicle Templates/Liveries for EVERY vehicle?

  • Guys apart from the emergency and service vehicle template pack we have here, has anyone made any templates and or enabled liveries for like... ANY or EVERY other vehicle?

    I wanted to create some liveries for the Blista (2nd gen) but its not going quite as planned...

  • I take that as a no?

  • Doing templates for every single vehicle is extremely time consuming and not easy to do, noboby will do that.

  • Ok though how can I do it myself? How would I go about doing a template of a vehicle? I've looked everywhere and cannot find a thing.

    ALTERNATIVE: I can put up with playing the guessing game so how would I go about UV Mapping vehicles so that I can texture them or place liveries on them?

    E.G. With the 2nd gen Blista, decals I put on where I assume is the opposite side of the vehicle, come out in reverse or look off AND the decals would appear stretched along other parts of the car.

  • Hope to help you

  • Cheers dude

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