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Unable to access Rockstar Servers (Solution Found!)

  • I was having this problem and damn there watched every video, read every thread I can find all over the internet and still couldn't fix my problem...

    So I started fucking around with my firewall and fixed this issue.. I guess whenever you reinstall GTA V, it saves your old firewall settings? idk I'm not sure..

    But ya

    Step 1: Click your start button at the bottom left hand corner and start typing "allow an app through Windows Firewall"

    Step 2:Open it up and click "change details". It'll highlight.

    Step 3:Scroll down to find "Grand Theft Auto V" YOU MIGHT HAVE A SHITLOAD OF THEM (like 4 or 5 lol) Make sure every box is checked.

    Step 4:If you see GTA V instead of Grand Theft Auto V, just check them off just to be safe. I have Every single box checked off so I know it works.

    Hopefully this solved some of you guys problems. Because my ass started getting stressed lol.

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