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GTA 5 Not Launching With Mod Menu

  • I have been trying to use gta 5 with the Menyoo Mod menu so i can do some fun stuff with custom mods and what not in SP but gta 5 wont launch fully.

    I installed Scripthook and gta launched ok but as soon as i added the files for menyoo into the equation, the social club UI will pop up as if launching the game but game wont actually open though. i take out menyoo.asi and menyoostuff folder and once again it launches fine.

    I've seen youtubers using Menyoo in SP like i am trying to do but it wont work. Install instructions for the menyoo itself say put the .asi and the folder in GTA5 directory where GTA5.exe is located and i have done so and still doesnt work.

  • You cannot use Menyoo until it is updated.

  • @Bobjohn10 how long will that take

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