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[MISC] Default Files Archive

  • I'm not too sure if this is already a thing but we should have a default files archive. To further my point to an understanding, I am proposing this because it takes 10-15 minutes to validate your GTA V files through steam. This is important because if you are modding, and mod an important file and then need to delete it, you have to validate the GTA files for it to replace that one file. I know the easy thing to do is just backup your GTA files (I already did) and to have the "mods" folder for any Vehicle/Player/Weapons/Models modifications. I do have this but this is for the people who don't. I don't know if you guys want this, but I am glad to make it if this idea gets enough support or approval. I can create a simple Mediafire or mega archive and categorize all the files so then people can easily reinstall singular files without needing to validate.

    Thanks, Wunked.

  • We don't allow the sharing of original game files.

  • @Jitnaught you forgot to lock this?

  • @Derpy-Canadian No... totally didn't forget... :P

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