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  • SO! I have seen some GTA v roleplaying videos using the fiveM mod and I notice the lobbies they are in..they use ped models ive never seen and I searched for mods on new ones and I'm lost,any help to get more peds or am I just plain stupid XD

  • Simple...

    There’s a lot of creators who don’t list their pets here and instead have it on a patron page for donations for,their paying patrons,,,

    some of these developers will release them to here after some time, I’ve seen some release a few months later and others a year or two later...

    Secondly, there are a few peas not aloud on this site. For example there was a hitler per here very briefly but was removed because it upset a lot of people (if my memory serves me)... lactate ped is listed on another site, I can’t recall which one but if you google it then you’ll find it rather easily...


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