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Vehicle Modkit ID (8-bit)?

  • Hello guys, HOPE Y'ALL have a great chrismax. :) Anyway I was wonder does anything new about modkit ID? Cuz I can't get some of the modkit to work. I did read some information In FIVEM and some topic in the forum and people talk about 8-bit number range between 0-255. However, on the latest update of the game, R* use different number which not in the 8-bit range. So I was confuse. LOL. Here is the pics of the new update!0_1514264882943_123123213.png So my problem was , how do R* keep adding car modkit ID without anyway conflict with other modkit ID? Not only that , they able to give planes Modkit too. Thanks :)


    it's 16-bit now since 1.0.1290.1 but hardlimited to 1024 values

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