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The General Tip for install maps WITHOUT map editor !

  • Hi everyone ! I'm newer on this site and I want to share my method to install quickly and surely !

    I does'nt know if anyone has done this tutorial, but I want to share them !


      1. Get Map Editor / Object Spooner (MENYOO) with the ".xml" format.
      1. Download and run YMAP Creator -> [https://fr.gta5-mods.com/tools/mapeditor-2-ymap-converter](link url)
      1. Open the downloaded XML with this tool
      1. After you can see location X/Y/Z in the tool (they confirm that the file is correct), go to "File" and select "Export"
      1. Run OpenIV and go to:
      1. And follow this line: New > Import OpenFORMAT > Select the converted ".ymap.xml" and "Ok" !
      1. You has installed Map from Map Editor or Menyoo WITHOUT them, because they are installed as DLC.

    Yes, you have not to load them because the map will load up with the game, if you want to uninstall them, return back to the directory of DLC and delete the ".ymap" file. You can name them has you want (without spaces for compatiblity)

    Have nice day !

    @velociraptor014 - GTA V Offline Story Maker & Mod/R.G. Beta Tester

    Sorry for bad english

  • Import? I can find import!

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