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[WIP] F7YO's upcoming vehicles

  • About upcoming vehicles or any suggestions for released cars.

  • Guess whats coming ???

    0_1514328305011_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-49-48-628.jpg

    0_1514328357485_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-51-39-284.jpg

  • Really guys 0 expectations im really upset :( let me give you a little tip ;)

    0_1514412499574_GTA5 2017-12-26 18-59-12-823.jpg

  • Early Hours in Los Santos. Its a new delivery from Germany with the ship "Ocean Motion" ..

    0_1514415985301_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-02-55-973.jpg

  • Unloading cargo operation was start and cargo put the trucks..

    0_1514417697876_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-14-00-059.jpg

  • And trucks are gets the unloading area and they are in position ..

    0_1514417805286_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-18-13-530.jpg

  • And the unload operation starts ...

    0_1514417891110_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-33-09-983.jpg

  • By the way transporters arrived and they waited ....

    0_1514418196817_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-30-14-506.jpg

  • Then unload complete ..

    0_1514418891003_GTA5 2017-12-28 02-53-17-945.jpg

    Oh Franklin you're really bad at selfies ....

  • Cargo on the way to Dealership...

    0_1514419250003_GTA5 2017-12-28 03-00-04-909.jpg

  • And on the way to dealership ....

    0_1514419669113_GTA5 2017-12-28 03-04-11-401.jpg

  • And this is where we left off ...

    0_1514419759771_GTA5 2017-12-28 03-05-45-373.jpg

  • Meanwhile in Dealership...

    0_1514420030314_GTA5 2017-12-28 03-13-12-565.jpg

  • READY TO GRAND FINALE ??? ??? ???

  • @F7YO why are you talking to yourself lol

  • @messi3194 actually im not talking myself just no one talks to me :D so it seems like that way no worries its a showcase my new vehicle :D im just want to tell it with a story

  • @F7YO oh well nice mods man keep it up

  • @messi3194 Thanks by the way any idea about that car ??

  • @F7YO what car?

  • @messi3194 at 3'rd picture maybe you can guess with it :D

  • @F7YO idk maybe someone stole em i think

  • haha :D nope i'll make it release soon just some little works to do

  • 0_1514440301051_GTA5 2017-12-26 18-01-33-834.jpg
    0_1514440318939_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-59-44-024.jpg
    0_1514440365104_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-59-49-084.jpg
    0_1514440432365_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-59-58-903.jpg
    0_1514440454254_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-59-56-328.jpg
    0_1514440474397_GTA5 2017-12-26 17-56-59-707.jpg
    0_1514440500694_GTA5 2017-12-26 18-00-23-748.jpg
    0_1514440524060_GTA5 2017-12-26 18-00-16-766.jpg
    0_1514440558055_GTA5 2017-12-26 18-01-23-447.jpg

  • @F7YO You know I was gonna say it looks like a Wiesmann in the 3rd pic - then I scrolled down and saw the last pics :)
    I've always loved those cars from the first time I saw Jeremy Clarkson driving one on Top Gear years ago.

  • @krissboo 188 views and just 2 people comment really interesting

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