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Big problem when spawning my mod

  • Hello, I'm doing a new car, I want to try it in game so I replace the JB700, and when I want to spawn it with a trainer, nothing happens. Next, I can't use the mod menu and the surroundings disappear or bug. Please someone could say me how to correct it ?

  • @Theoasterix
    Is this a car you have created yourself or a mod you have downloaded?
    Give us the link to the car if you downloaded it.

    I've had something similar to this before. There is something wrong with the car model or the settings for the car in the game.

    You need a compatible:

    carcols.meta (for upgrades. Spoilers etc)
    carvariations.meta (correct light settings, colours)

    Best guess is your problem exists in 'vehicles.meta' but I need a lot more info before I can be anywhere near sure. Give me as much info as you possibly can about exactly what you are trying to do?

  • @JonaQ Thanks for answer ! It's a car I make by myself in replace... Do you have some ideas of how to correct it ?

  • @Theoasterix

    You'd have to find someone with ZModeler3 experience I reckon.

    Did you base the car off of the JB700 in the first place? ie Use the JB700 as a template to build your new car on top of in Zmodeler3?

  • @JonaQ I don't use Template, but I used the oracle on Zm3.

  • @JonaQ It changes something if I use a different car ?

  • @Theoasterix

    Yes, all the cars use & need different settings. My best guess as a place to start would be trying to replace the Oracle with your new car instead of using the JB700. That way the settings will be as close to as what you started with as possible.
    Alternatively, copy the Oracle settings from the files mentioned above & replace the JB700 settings while leaving your new car replacing the JB700. I would say the first option is easier as all you are doing is renaming & replacing the .yft & .ytd files.

  • @JonaQ I tried with the oracle but it's again same... I don't know where is the problem, I have verified but I have all converted... I don't understand

  • @Theoasterix

    Perhaps try making it as an addon?
    Does your car have upgrades/tuning parts?
    It could be a lot of things, something set incorrectly in Zmodeler3, bad export, incorrect/corrupt textures, bad car settings etc.
    If you were happy enough to send me the .yft & .ytd I could have a look at them in detail & see if anything stands out? I do know the car settings side of things very well now & as mentioned I have encountered the world disappearing after spawning a car thing before (just can't remember if I fixed it or it was down to a broken model that I could do nothing about!?).
    I would definitely post a topic here anyway & see if anyone else has any clues/answers as I can't help if it is ZModeler3 related.

  • @JonaQ In fact thanks for the help but I find the problem, that was the mirrors :)

  • Nice one :thumbsup: Glad you got it sorted

  • @JonaQ Thanks :)

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