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UFO's Before 100% Mod Request

  • Hey modders!
    I have a mod request. I was hoping someone could make a mod that unlocks all of the UFO's in SA without getting 100% game completion(Zancudo, Sandy Shores, and Chilliad ones). I am a fan of X-Files and the UFO lore and I have been looking for a mod like this. I know it is not much of a mod but it would be cool to have. If a mod like this already exsists please tell me or tell me how to make this mod and maybe I can do it myself. The modders on this site are awesome so I'm hoping one of you is up to the task. :) Please let me know what you think or if its possible! Thanks guys!

  • Oh I found this mod too but It does not work and if it did work it only spawns the mount chiliad UFO..

    I would like something like that mod but one that can spawn all of them.

  • No takers? Well can someone maybe tell me how to do this myself?

  • @TrustNo1 Hey you can download a 100% save game m9

  • @EnderTinkerer
    Yeah I know, seems like that is my only option at this point unfortunately. I was hoping someone could make or help me make a mod that unlocks them right away without getting 100% through the story. I wanted to have access to the UFO's right away.

  • @TrustNo1 why not install a UFO add on mod?

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