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  • finally I updated the game, put everything like before but during loading it stucks but no error message appears, music continues to play... I have to shut it down manually... the report says AppHangB1 ... anyone knows something about this problem?

  • @krissboo hey dude, would you help?

  • @libertz Hey bro. yeah I can try to help. I forgot, are you using retail or steam?

  • @krissboo retail

  • @libertz ok i'm on it.

  • @krissboo thanks any clues will be appreciated

  • @libertz ok i'm not really sure, but it sounds like it could be related to a driver. Do you get any other errors in the logs?

  • @krissboo Also might be worth doing a malware / virus scan just to check and go to device manager and look for any yellow triangles.

  • @krissboo well I didnt have any problems so... but now I tried to launch it and it loaded like what the hell? I didnt do anything

  • @libertz Well that's just odd....maybe it was a service running in the background, but now it's closed down.

  • @krissboo so I found out it happens when I have there newest version of visualV... without it it loads but first 15 seconds there is really low fps, then its normal. I also noticed in log files this error:
    [20:11:56] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script 'Main' because constructor threw an exception:
    System.InvalidOperationException: Illegal call to 'Script.Wait()' outside main loop!
    at GTA.Script.Wait(Int32 ms)
    at GTA.Model.Request(Int32 timeout)
    at Main..ctor()

    I dont get it, because when I saw this then I removed main.lua file...

  • @libertz are you on the Doomsday update? If not then you should use an older version of visualv

  • @krissboo Yes I am

  • @krissboo goddamn author of visualv is not able to help... I never had problem with visualv before...

  • @krissboo come on bro... no answer? If you have no idea please at least tell me.

  • @libertz oh shit sorry bro - for some reason i don't always get notified when someone tags me :( so really sorry for not replying sooner.

    To be honest I am out of ideas as to what is causing the initial lag. I suppose you could try an older version of visualv, but it more than likely won't work with the Doomsday version you're on.

    Maybe uninstall VisualV and try to do a manual install instead. Possible something got corrupted on the OIV install.

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