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[player] Import a WWE 2k18 Created Wrestler - willing to pay for the job

  • I see all the mods for importing skins and specifically In game wrestlers like john cena and randy orton. I want to get my own creation of the game and into gta v.

  • @kassidy-hayes And that's if created characters even are real 3D models... last I remember, games like Saints Row use 2 blank models, one male and 1 female. this model first spawns with 0 changes whatsoever. then when you get to the character editor, all the stats can be changed, like fat, muscle, eye color, voice, etc...

    chances are, custom character designs are all reliant on a file that tells the statistics for your created character.

    this sort of thing is probably easier done via ripping models while the game is active with tools like Ninja Ripper, meaning someone needs your save game to get your character, and that's if you're even on the correct platform for the game. (also dependent on if WWE 2018 even allows different user's saves to be loaded by somebody else.)

    then it's the matter of getting useless shit out of the way, because you can't specify what it is you want ripped. would be a nice feature to highlight what model you want ripped but

  • WWE allows caws to be uploaded and downloaded by anyone, so getting my caw wouldn't be the hard part. I'm going to look into this Ninja ripper, thanks you for any info or help.

    I'd even be happy with someone just showing me how to do some of this stuff and make a donation for their time.

    this is the character I want to take out of WWE 2k18 and play as in GTA V.

  • @kassidy-hayes said in Import a WWE 2k18 Created Wrestler - willing to pay for the job:

    WWE allows caws to be uploaded and downloaded by anyone

    Then all you'd need is to find what file characters get stored in.

    If any modder is actually willing to do this, try looking towards this approach in getting the model:

    i mean obviously this guy loaded a single model file, but for those unreadable files, and if the created wrestlers come in a single file when you download them (they should be placed in a folder where the game can find them...)

    (if such a program doesn't allow straight up ripping it then use Ninja Ripper or 3dx ripper, just some advice for modders taking this request)

  • It would appear most of the textures are in hex but you can get the model/mesh out with ninja ripper. I have made some basic progress with just with what you have posted.

    alt text

    used a downloaded connor to test since, I haven't made the character on pc yet. Wanted to make sure it was possible before i took the time. Steam return window for the game is 2hrs player or 2 weeks and making him will take much longer then 2 hrs. Now i know its possible, defly keeping the game and making him.

    Hopefully I can get a little more help with this.

  • idk if this would help or not

  • Benn able to get everything out with ninja rip actually

    alt text

    now gims hasn't been working for me so how would I output this to get it into gta?

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