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Issues with game performance after using Map Editor

  • Hey guys,

    I have this issue with GTA V here, version 1.0.1180.2 on Windows 10 Pro 64bits

    I downloaded some mods and they're working fine, but the problem starts after I load maps using Map Editor, the maps load but the game performance drops, while neither CPU, GPU or RAM usage are reaching their limits.

    I wanted to ask you guys, is this a limitation within the game itself that can't be bypassed, or the problem is on my end?

    I made a video to showcase the performance -

    sorry about the sound, no idea why it was not recorded.

    I also happen to have NVR and Redux installed. The CPU usage is higher in the video I linked because of the way windows recorded it (used the built in recording app). It's usually at 60% with 30fps.

    Any explanation is appreciated. Of course if I remove the custom map the performance goes back to normal.

    As a side question I'd also like to ask, is there any way to remove the prop limit the Map Editor tells me I sometimes reached?

    My CPU is i5-4670K and GPU is Gigabyte G1 970.

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