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  • So after the latest gta5 update Idk what they did but now I can have only a limited amount of add-on cars until and unless I compile them into a single add-on pack right......!!!
    In order to do this I followed the tutorial by Reyser and I was able to add 3 cars in one pack and it was working but after that as soon as I added one more car into the pack the game started to crash i.e. my game works just fine when there are three cars in the pack but as soon as i add 4th one..... it just crashes with "error pack1" sort of error and it says to reboot
    I cannot add more dlcs as it would crash it
    I don't know what's the error if someone can help me it will be really appreciated !!!
    I am open for suggestion and thanx in advance for the help. :smiley:

  • Also I forgot to mention I already have vanilla works, natural-vision remastered and world of variety

  • need a game-config not one working at the moment

  • @conjames23 ya I tried to change it too but it crashes my game even when there are no added dlc’s

    There is one more thing today I tried to make a new dlc pack it seems that the models have some problem because this time I added only two cars the same one which were crashing before
    Its a 2016 dodge challenger and toyota supra

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