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[Peds] Normal Traffic

  • I have tried looking on Google and some other GTA V Mods forums but I am not exactly sure how to word it when I search for it. Does anyone know of a mod that makes traffic somewhat normal? And let me explain what I mean by this.

    I use LSPDFR a lot, it's pretty much the only reason I play the game at this point.
    And every time I get a call for anything that has to do with shooting, I.E Gang activity, bank robberies, etc. The traffic decides to lose its mind and act like a chicken with no head causing me to swerve through traffic and try not to destroy my car on a pole (I have a Realistic Damage mod installed). Most of the mods I happen to come across were posted in 2015 and no activity sense. So I can only assume it will not work with the new 1290 version GTA V.

    Is there possibly a way, or mod, that makes the traffic stay in one place or at least pull over (like when you zip through traffic with sirens & lights on and they pull over).

    The only mods I have installed are a Realistic Damage mod, Realistic bullet damage, and LSPDFR. (Soon to be a tow truck mod for when I arrest people once I can find one.)

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