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Adding a livery

  • So i have a car that didn't come with a livery from the author but i am trying to add one. How would i go about doing that or is that something the author would've had to do while modeling the car? I have added FLAG_HAS_LIVERY to the flags but that is about it. Thanks for any help provided.

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    Very quickly, here's the basics:

    You would need OpenIV to find & open the '.ytd' of the car & then extract the texture (usually to .dds. .png works too) if one exists. If you can't find a texture that looks like the car livery then you are stumped & will have to find a different car. Not all cars have livery support but as long as they have a standard texture that looks something like this you can extract it & edit it to give you 1 livery design for the car.
    You open the .dds/.png with something like Photoshop & then either:

    A ) - proceed to edit the texture to your liking

    B ) - Create a template (just so you know what part of the car you are painting) from the texture using layers in Photoshop & then design your own completely from scratch. Basically, you need to learn how to use layers. You open the texture, select 'layer from background' after right-clicking small pic of texture on right screen, create a new layer above the original, alter the opacity or fill so you can see both pictures & then use the bottom pic as a guide while you work above it.

    You then save the file you created in Photoshop (after either hiding or deleting the layer that has the old design on) etc & put it back where you found it using OpenIV.

    It sounds harder than it is but a few Photoshop etc tutorials on youtube will do you no harm :thumbsup: Learning to use layers proficiently is key to Photoshop mastery.

    PS - To open & save .dds textures with Photoshop you will need either Intel Texture Works (<my fav) or Nvidia DDS Plugin installed in Photoshop plugins folder. PNG should work fine for you to start with & then move up to .dds when you have learned a bit more :thumbsup:

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