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Add-On Car Limit???

  • Hello everyone, apologies if I posted this in the wrong section as this is my first post here. ( I was unsure whether to post this here or under Installation). Anyways, I'm aware that there is a 15 car limit when installing addon cars but I'm wondering if there is any mod that lets me bypass this, or if there is a way to spawn more than 15 cars in traffic without the game crashing. I've read that this can be done as long as you create dlc folders for each set of 15 cars. Is this true?

  • @Tetrusss Hello, yes it's true. You can combine all yous add-on cars in one dlc, but you will have to remodify all the cars files (and it's long) Or you can install a special gameconfig if it's not already done.

  • @Theoasterix What do you mean by remodify the files?

  • @Tetrusss Sorry, I forgot to precise :) : the scripts (carcols, vehicles.meta, handling...)

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