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Give me simple ideas for some mods.

  • AND I'll make 'em.

  • Can you make this cool car?

  • @Samurai- You didn't say what kind of modding you plan to do. Models? Scripts? Tools? Retextures? Can I literally ask for anything as long as it isn't too complicated? Because I feel like there's a lot of stuff that should be simple that clearly isn't. Most of it having something or other to do with Rockstar's Editor.

    Like: why can't I delete an object from GTA V's map without it showing up in the Rockstar editor? For that matter: how come Open IV has "open camera" that can pass through Rockstars limitation shield, but not walls? Why can't we record mission gameplay for real? Why is there no mod to drop the player into the middle of a cutscene so that those can be edited freely? A mod that perfectly or near perfectly recalls vehicle damage? A mod where you could set an absolute fixed location inside of a scene to be recalled inside the editor at your leisure would be invaluable for seamless transitions or green screen effects. Hell even a mod that makes tagged enemies shoot in the general direct of your character without hitting them would be pretty good for machinima. - The so called stormtrooper effect that's in every action movie

    And just because it's a frustration I've come upon recently, I noticed that menyoo has a task that can make a character walk a certain path by setting key points, even off sidewalk (or wherever) as long as it's not blocked or too steep, but the same thing does not exist for cars, or helicopters, or whatever else.

    I can only imagine that if this stuff were as easy as it seems like it should be, then someone would have made at least a few of them already. So in making a thread like this it's advisable to advertise your skillset so that we know realistically what might be a reasonable ask.

  • @Samurai- well can u convert the stinger from gta iii/lcs its a great car and i kinda miss it here are some links:



  • Online map on the offline map. Online radar it’s more accurate, has fort zancudo map and other street

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