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Game crashes when entering Granger

  • Hi all!

    I'm running the latest version of the game (retail).

    I've installed several mods, among which https://nl.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-driving-v and some script mods. Yesterday I discovered that the game crashes when I try to enter the Granger.

    Does anyone have an idea what file may cause this crash? I have already tried to replace some modded files with the originals, but no success.

    Of course I can delete my mods folder and start over, but I'm afraid I will eventually run into the same problem when reinstalling the mods.

    Thanks in advance guys!


    Which script mods? Realistic Driving V shouldn't break the Granger but you can always try and restore the original handling.meta (Killatomate included an uninstaller if I'm not wrong)

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