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Hi, i need help GTA V (VER_1_0_1290_1_STEAM)

  • Hey guys? I need help from you, when I install scripthookv (ScriptHookV_1.0.1290.1) my gta does not open but in steam it says that the game is running when I look at processes with process explorer the GTA process starts and ends alone, remembering that if I delete scripthookv .dll (ScriptHookV_1.0.1290.1) the game works normally. Can someone help?
    sorry, my english I used translator

  • Remove Menyoo.

  • Okay but how do I use menyoo, do I need it for Lana's mod and Samantha to work?

  • Menyoo isn't going to be updated until mid-February when MAFINS comes back. I don't know about ped mods but I'm sure there are other scripts that allow you to spawn them.

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