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Anyone know where the lighting modifier settings for Zancudo Tunnel are in Timecycle_mods?

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    I'm looking for the timecycle modifier settings for Zancudo Tunnel (the tunnel that goes under Zancudo Military Base).
    I'm trying to get ambient occlusion to work correctly under vehicles when they drive through all the tunnels/underpasses etc by adding settings like this:

    	<light_amb_occ_mult_veh>4.000 0.000</light_amb_occ_mult_veh>
    	<ssao_inten>4.000 0.000</ssao_inten>

    to each of the modifier settings I can find for the areas of the game that do not have AO or do not have it set strong enough. Like this:

    <modifier name="Tunnel" numMods="15" userFlags="0">
    	<light_amb_down_wrap>0.200 0.000</light_amb_down_wrap>
    	<light_natural_push>0.000 0.000</light_natural_push>
    	<light_artificial_ext_down_col_r>1.000 1.000</light_artificial_ext_down_col_r>
    	<light_artificial_ext_down_col_g>0.451 1.000</light_artificial_ext_down_col_g>
    	<light_artificial_ext_down_col_b>0.000 1.000</light_artificial_ext_down_col_b>
    	<light_artificial_ext_down_intensity>1.000 0.000</light_artificial_ext_down_intensity>
    	<light_artificial_ext_up_col_r>0.969 1.000</light_artificial_ext_up_col_r>
    	<light_artificial_ext_up_col_g>0.322 1.000</light_artificial_ext_up_col_g>
    	<light_artificial_ext_up_col_b>0.000 1.000</light_artificial_ext_up_col_b>
    	<light_artificial_ext_up_intensity>0.300 0.000</light_artificial_ext_up_intensity>
    	<light_amb_occ_mult_veh>4.000 0.000</light_amb_occ_mult_veh>
    	<ssao_inten>4.000 0.000</ssao_inten>
    	<fog_haze_hdr>0.000 1.000</fog_haze_hdr>
    	<natural_ambient_multiplier>0.000 0.000</natural_ambient_multiplier>
    	<artificial_int_ambient_multiplier>1.000 0.000</artificial_int_ambient_multiplier>

    Zancudo Tunnel is the main one left to do but I cannot find settings that work for it in any of the timecycle_mods_1-4. Any info on it's timecycle modifier location or any ideas would be much appreciated :thumbsup:

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