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[SCRIPT][Request] Teleport back to last location on startup/load

  • Hello, I would like to request a mod that automatically teleports me back to may last know position on the map of GTA V.

    Further explanation on how it works: First, the script records your X and Y position and save it on an ini file on the gta 5 folder after you exit the game, once you start the game and click "story mode" and the game loads and you spawn at the safehouse, the script will then autoload and teleport you back you your last X/Y position (with a delay of at least 10 to give the map the time to load). - that's it.

    *****Currently, only 1 mod has manage to add this feature but that mod also contains Hunger/water system which drains fast, the mod that manage to do this is the zombie mod by Vdragon called A Long Winter

    If you want to further know what Im talking about, download his mod and use the file "Survival.asi" which contains what I said above but with the survival system.

    Currently, for any modders who can help me, VDragon has released his script to anyone who could edit it so if by chance you're planning on doing what I request,
    you could just edit his survival file and reduce on how fast the water/hunger drains. (Because it's the only thing I hate on his mod, the char dies because of the fast draining of the food/water)

    Vdragon Source codes

    I dont have any ASI compiler so I cant edit the survival file.

    So in summary:
    What I request: A script that teleports me back to my last known location.
    For modders/coders who will not use the source code: Kindly make a script that does the same thing.
    For modders/coders who will use the source code "survival": Kindly lower the rate on how fast the water and food drains and increase the value amount of the water/food when you eat it ingame. (no need for the teleport because it's already build in on the script survival)

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  • @Fairace Why can't you just use GTA V's "quick save" feature for this? I used it to spawn two hundred feet in the air. Is this for crashes or something?

  • @Fairace I made the script. Will be uploading within the next 24 hours. :)

  • @futurestoryteller I do use the quick save but at some point, it causes some bugs like for ex: After I load, there's a plane facing the ground on the airport and there's this one time that a car was inside the metro station blocking the exit. So yeah, it's to minimize the glitches like that. :)

    @Jitnaught Thank you so much! :D Might as well consider this post solved. :)))

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