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Different mesh ped? ped missing body parts in game..

  • Hello.. i am new in modding this game.. (got experience in modding gta iv though)..

    I mostly mod the game to change or add peds only. It seems plenty of beautiful peds here. However some ped mods didn't work when i add using add on peds.. it's missing bodyparts when i spawn it.. try to work it out, it seems the ped has different mesh set up.. most ped mod that works has upperbody mesh as a whole torso, limb and leg mesh.. and the lowerbody mesh only has accesories.. while the ped mod that missing body parts, has upperbody mesh consist of limb and torso only.. and the lowerbody mesh only got leg..

    can anyone please tell me what's whith this different meshing set up and how to work this out? i really want to get the pretty ped mods works..

    Thank you in advance..

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