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Police Never Arrive [Fix]

  • Hi 5MODS,

    Does your copy of GTAV on PC have that problem where you have a little .45 fun, the police are called, you see the map flash red, and the radio lady tell them where you are, BUT THE POLICE NEVER ARRIVE?

    I have that problem, too. I do the crime, the alarm and stars trigger, but the cops are off scarfin' jelly-joes and java. They must have heard about me, I guess. I miss them so.

    Can anyone help me, and I trust others, to reset ALL the police dynamics on my GTAV PC copy back to vanilla?

    I have a fresh copy of files to use. But I have no idea what to replace.

    I kind of messed mine up with a few choice cop mods, and now the yuck-butters never show up.


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