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Game crashing when entering a car

  • Hello people,
    For some reason, I have a little bug which is very annoying. My GTA crash exactly when I enter a vehicle when i'm in cover, when there are shootings around me. This problem don't come from my mods because it do exactly the same thing on my vanilla backup. Help is welcome !


    Try verifying game data and really ensure you have no mods by just disabling the asi loader (dinput8.dll)

  • @ikt said in Game crashing when entering a car:

    and really ensure you

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Like I saw, even in Vanilla version (100% Clean GTA V), I still have the same problem. I disabled the asi loader and still happening. Apparently it can come from net framework (clr.dll) but I don't know how to repair net framework :/. I will verify files from game, thanks for the tips. I will give you news :)

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