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Zmodeler3 - Can't import files

  • Hello, it's me again, having another problem I can't solve.

    I have just downloaded Zmodeler3, and bought a license, I have looked at many tutorials, and have got some files ready to edit.
    I opened the import window, select the file, and the import button is greyed out, the license is validated, I have selected all the files necessary under the "Preload packs" tab, such as vehshare.ytd and the car's .ytd file.
    But it's still greyed out.

    I have searched all over google, it feels like, but I can't find any solution.
    So, please give me some tips,
    any response (unless excessively negative) is appreciated!

  • It's kind of fixed, i suppose the probmen was that the authors locked the models

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