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Please help: Custom clothing skin glitch

  • Hey there,
    So as I'm currently making a custom spacesuit for my character and was wondering how to do the following in GIMS EVO.

    So, to clear things up, here's what happens currently:
    I successfully replace the old model with the custom one by playing with the vertices in 3Ds Max*

    Now, when I load up the game and choose the clothes, they load up, but they're glitched out as hell. So my best guess is that the skin modifier** f---ed up the cloth.

    Anyone know how to fix this? Also, anyone willing to guide me through it? I've asked this question lots of times but no-one's willing to help.

    Thanks in advance

    *: deleting the vertices of the old model and replacing them by the new one
    **: There's a basic skin modifier on every model when loaded inside 3Ds max using GIMS EVO.

  • @DJOzmanMJ where did you make the space suit? If marvelous designer a retopology is needed for the model also if you have too many turbosmooth or mesh Smooth modifiers can mess up the model aswel

  • @messi3194 I just used the models from the gta updates, modified them a bit and wanted to import them back.

  • @DJOzmanMJ what type of modifications

  • @messi3194 stretching the vertices a bit, to match a certain look or so. Nothing big really.

  • what type of glitches do you have a pic?

  • @messi3194
    Left is what it looks like, right is what the stock clothes look like without being modified
    alt text

  • @DJOzmanMJ hmmm ive never see an issue like this before, it looks like the verticies arent even attached together, i would think the model needs to be rigged back correctly but i could be wrong

  • @messi3194 Just found something that might've been the problem: most of the vertices had no weight for the 'fake bones' of the skeleton, so I'll need to add that manually. I'm crossing my fingers.

  • Update: Well, the bone weight added no value to the problem. It made it worse. So yeah, I'm once again back at stage 1

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