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[VEHICLE][WIP]China Presidential Car (Hongqi L5)

  • Hello everyone, since @SkylineGTRFreak has already made the USA presidential Car, I am glad to introduce the upcoming car called Hongqi (RedFlag) L5, which is the official Chinese Presidential car, also the most expensive Chinese car. It costs $760,000 USD. And I am here to mention @FoxtrotDelta who convert this model.

    The heritage-laced design continues inside with a twin-spoke steering wheel and a chromed horn ring that would look right at home in a 1955 Chrysler. However, Hongqi tried to blend tradition with 21st-century tech. To that end, the instrument cluster is replaced by a wide color screen mounted in the middle of the dash, and the infotainment system is displayed on a second screen installed in front of the shift lever. Real wood trim, thick carpet, and soft leather upholstery create an upscale ambiance.

    Game model features:

    • Bullet-proof windows and armor
    • HQ interior & exterior
    • China national Flag
    • China license plate with GTA license plate as extras
    • Working dials
    • Will make a pack of China presidential fleet
    • More...

    *The model is bought with interior and so both interior and exterior will have ultra high quality.
    The following pictures are searched on the web and it will be 99.9% similar to the mod.
    Further in-game screenshot will post in replies

    If you like this project, please donate so that I and @FoxtrotDelta will make more awesome models :)


    @Hysangaming @FoxtrotDelta

    Exciting! Foxtrotdelta does amazing work!

  • Ultra high exterior+interior means excessive amounts of polygons, which is not that "needed", just high quality would do great and You most probably wont even notice that!

  • @HRH Seconded :P

    Also reminds me of the old east german "Trabi" somehow :laughing:

    alt text

  • @HRH ok thanks

  • @SkylineGTRFreak lol that photos reminded me Mr.Bean's Mini

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